18I want to thank the Colorado Chapter of Safari Club for your part in making my Colorado Shiras Moose hunt a success. I am sure I am like most other people in thinking that whenever I buy a lottery ticket, that I am actually just making a donation to a good cause. There is no problem with that, but it sure is great when you win the tag!

Now all my friends want me to let them know how to get into this years drawing.

I started researching for my hunt the evening you called. As soon as I came home from work I went to the Internet and started researching all Colorado Moose hunt statistics and units. I started shooting my bow the next day and shot it every day for the six months that I had to prepare for my hunt.

With the Raffle Tag I was able to hunt any unit that I wanted so I ended up hunting one of the newly opened units that would not have been available to me with as a nonresident with the regular draw tag.

I think it is great that the Colorado makes the Auction and Raffle tags available. It is a win — win situation. They do not give out so many tags that they impact the quality of the animals, but they give everyone a chance to get a great tag at a price everyone can afford. At the same time money is made for important wildlife management.

Good luck with this years raffle, and thanks again to SCI for supporting hunters rights and moose in Colorado!