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Join us for the 44th Annual SCI Colorado FUN-draiser Banquet!

Come and be a part of a memorable evening on March 2nd, 2024, as we gather 500+ of our dear friends to celebrate our shared passion for conservation and charitable causes right here in Colorado. This year, our banquet holds even greater significance as Colorado takes center stage in the fight to safeguard the rights of sportsmen and women. Watch the impactful message from Dan Gates, of Coloradans For Responsible Wildlife Management, on the right side to get a taste of what we are up against…

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks, as our Raffle site will soon go live! And for those who have ordered before, keep an eye on your email inbox for an announcement once we open up.

We can’t wait to see you there!

WOW! What An Event!!

The 43rd annual Colorado SCI Banquet is in the books. Many of us are still trying to catch up (and rest our feet!) after an awesome night spent with 500 like minded folks supporting conservation, charitable organizations, and our hunting rights not only in Colorado, but across the country. It was a packed house, and based on all the initial feedback from attendees, everyone had a great time.

Putting on an event of this size and scope takes a tremendous amount of team work, and we are extremely fortunate to have an amazing crew of volunteers to support our event. Literally thousands of hours go into planning, prepping, and executing the Banquet and raffle every year, and each year we strive to make it just a little better, and add fresh items and games to keep folks coming back.

We also drew the winners of our eight major raffles at the event last night. This year we had entries from all 48 states where online raffles entries are legal! This was a first for us as usually there are at least a few states with no entries. Wow! And the diverse nature of the entries is once again reflected in the winners, two of whom are from outside Colorado.

We are already planning for next year’s event, which will once again be at the Norris Penrose Event Center on the first Saturday in March. So without further preamble, here are the raffle winners. Congratulations to all of them!


2023 Raffle Winners

Stevinson Hunter’s Dream 6 Gun Pkg

Christensen Arms .300 Win Mag

Leica Geovid Binos

Joshua Weiss

Eaton, CO
Ticket #144

Jordan Hodapp

Elizabeth, CO
Ticket #739

Ariz Snellstrom

Leadville, CO
Ticket #766

Statewide Pronghorn Tag

Statewide Deer Tag

Statewide Elk Tag

Jon Rey

Bayfield, CO
Ticket #030

Will Ellison

Midland, TX
Ticket #1798

James Perry

Livermore, CO
Ticket #1648

NM Guided Elk Hunt

Statewide Moose Tag

Ralph Newman

Lincoln, AR
Ticket #558

Dana Roe

Bailey, CO
Ticket #2890


2022 Raffle Winners

Stevinson Hunter’s Dream 6 Gun Pkg

Christensen Arms .300 Win Mag

Leica Geovid Binos

Michael Mersman

Colorado Springs, CO
Ticket #487

Scott Huette

Weimar, TX
Ticket #715

 Edmund Flansburg

Aurora, CO
Ticket #029

Statewide Pronghorn Tag

Statewide Deer Tag

Statewide Elk Tag

Carl Rummel

Greeley CO
Ticket #194

Richard Tidd

Monument, CO
Ticket #1231

Chad Davidson

Pueblo West, CO
Ticket #0338

NM Guided Elk Hunt

Statewide Moose Tag

Lee Taylor

Woodland Park, CO
Ticket #890

Cade Luckett

Lubbock, TX
Ticket #2195


The 2021 Raffle Is A Wrap!!!

WOW! What a year it has been. First COVID shuts down all the venues in the area and forces us to cancel out annual banquet, and then as we are literally coming down to the final hours of the raffle, Mother Nature decides to dump more snow on our heads than we have seen in quite some time. Add to that high winds resulting in whiteout blizzard conditions, (and intermittent Internet outages for our intrepid chief nerd), and to say it was looking like the odds were against us seems kind of a mild description. One of our board members literally spent eight hours shoveling his driveway today so he could come and help us with the drawing!











But things worked out, as they usually do. I like to say “No one knows how, it just happens”, but that isn’t exactly true. We have a lot of very dedicated folks that work really hard to make sure things get worked out. Whether it’s finding prizes for the raffle, coordinating with CPW, sticking stickers on THOUSANDS of raffle tickets, or just making sure the drawing actually happens and goes smoothly, everyone pulls together. Here we see two of our board members selecting the winning ticket’s from this year’s raffle. And yes, they are a bit under dressed compared to the way you would typically see them for the annual banquet, but as I mentioned, there was a lot of snow shoveling required to get to this point….









We would like to congratulate all of our winners this year. For those of you who won one of the Statewide tags, CPW will be given your info tomorrow and will be reaching out. For anyone winning one of the other prizes, our board will be reaching out over the next couple days to contact you about your prizes.

And now without further adieu, The 2021 SCI Colorado Raffle Winners!


2021 Raffle Winners

Stevinson’s Winner Take All 6 Gun Pkg

Christensen Arms 6.5 CM

Leica Geovid Binos

Steven Klaus

Georgetown, TX
Ticket #0034

Tanner Schwartz

Johnstown, CO
Ticket #0228

 Scott Feuerstein

Henderson, CO
Ticket #0499

Statewide Pronghorn Tag

Statewide Deer Tag

Statewide Elk Tag

Jeff Demaske

Greeley, CO
Ticket #0145

Adam Pierce

Salida, CO
Ticket #0846

Thomas Jones

Nixa, MO
Ticket #0090

NM Guided Elk Hunt

Statewide Moose Tag

Browning A5 Shotgun

 Robert Wallace

Humble, TX
Ticket #0151

Ben Harding

Colorado Springs, CO
Ticket #1099

Kyle Swanson

Pueblo, CO
Ticket #0688



We have gone paperless, for the most part, so don’t look in your mail box for printed information about our event and the raffles.  Our website is the place to go, and if you would like to make sure that you are getting the most up to date info and offers, OPT IN for our SCI E-News.  (We do not share our lists so you can be sure the emails are from us, and not one else!!) We promise you that we will not hound you with mindless junk but we need and WANT to stay in touch with you.  If you would like to get notices of our raffles and events, OPT IN to our email list.  We will never rent or sell our list.  It is safe here.  We promise.


The Colorado Chapter is more than fundraising.  That is a huge component of what we do, but the great thing about raising money is getting to SPEND the money on conservation projects such as habitat for Colorado Moose; Humanitarian projects like the Sportsmen Against Hunger program where we collect meat and food and donate on an ongoing basis to a dozen food banks and shelters; and the Education arm of our chapter where we are very active in the Archery in the Schools program.  These are just a sample of what we do with the money we raise.

God Bless our Men and Women in uniform and we thank all of you who have done so in the past.

On Target News

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2020 Raffle Winners

Stevinson’s Hunters Dream Gun Pkg

Kimber Classic Limited Edition 6.5 CM

Leica Geovid Binos

NM Guided Elk Hunt

Glenn Exline

Colorado Springs, CO
Ticket #0184

Joseph Wohlwend

Pueblo West, CO
Ticket #0336

 Rodney Constance

Greeley, CO
Ticket #0799

 Douglas Brimmer

Chesterfield, MI
Ticket #0712

Statewide Pronghorn Tag

Statewide Deer Tag

Statewide Elk Tag

Statewide Moose Tag

Trent Swanson

Eagle, CO
Ticket #0184

Jim Single

Sidman, PA
Ticket #1956

Bret Fuller

Roxborough, CO
Ticket #1277

Loren Dellinger

Mead, CO
Ticket #0951


2019 Raffle Winners

Gun Safe + Six Guns

Sako A7 Roughtech 30-06

Leica Geovid Binos

NM Guided Elk Hunt

Jeffrey Larson

Cornell, WI
Ticket #0353

Joshua Smith

Monahans, TX
Ticket #0362

 John Lydiatt

Colorado Springs, CO
Ticket #0042

 Kyle Swanson

Pueblo, CO
Ticket #0585

Statewide Pronghorn License

Statewide Deer License

Statewide Elk License

Statewide Moose License

Jason Roe

Denver, CO
Ticket #0997

Jeffrey Bassagoitia

Brighton, CO
Ticket #1750

Lowell Edgerton

Laporte City, IA
Ticket #1232

Thomas Kitchen

Greeley, CO
Ticket #0510


2018 Raffle Winners

Gun Safe + Six Guns

Kimber Montana Rifle

Leica Geovid Binos

NM Guided Elk Hunt

Statewide Elk License

Statewide Moose License

Jennifer Norris

Ticket #0089

McKenna Valdez

Ticket #0098

Glenn Exline

Ticket #0236

Rick Wilking

Ticket #0521

Chad Pulsifer

Ticket #0814

Jason Roe

Ticket #1326


2017 Raffle Winners

Gun Safe + Six Guns

Rifle Sako Finnlight 85 .270 WSM

Leica Geovid Binos

NM Guided Elk Hunt

Statewide Deer License

Statewide Moose License

Gary Patterson
Peyton, CO
Ticket #394

Ltc (Ret) Mark Herrin
Highlands Ranch, CO
Ticket *0294

Dave Snellstrom
Colorado Springs, CO
Ticket #0766

Steven Strauch
Elbert, CO
Ticket #0124

Robert Sullivan
New Castle, CO
Ticket #1186

Thomas Jones
Nixa, MO
Ticket #0190