Eric Stahlecker was the lucky winner of our statewide moose tag last year. He sent us this great note and a picture of the awesome moose he harvested.

“On March 6th 2016 I found out I had won the Colorado statewide moose license through SCI. Phone calls to friends were made and the work began immediately to try and find a nice bull. Early in the summer an awesome bull showed up on social media and I knew he would be my focus. I still searched for other bulls and photographed a good number, but always went back to try and find the “ghost”, so called because I never could actually get a look at him. All I had for motivation was a picture. I spent 46 days in all looking for him, 34 during my season, and put 4700 miles on my truck. In the end, with the help of family and friends I was able to harvest the bull, the “ghost” from the picture. The only time I actually saw him was the morning I harvested him. It was a long, mentally exhausting hunt that I will never forget.”